Automation Is Killing Social Media


As a company that manages 9 platforms for one client, you would think automation would be our best friend, but automation is killing social media. 

With so many social media platforms to manage, we want to work smarter; not harder. Automation tools connect your social media accounts so you can schedule and share content across platforms. 

Automation tools like help you prepare "recipes" in a, "if this then that" format.  For example, if you post a picture on Instagram then the picture will also appear on your Twitter feed. This kind of automation is truly killing the social in social media. 

Instagram and Twitter each have a difference social media language. Instagram is a visual platform and Twitter is an engagement platform. While pictures can be shared and valued on Twitter, your value is in your tweet, written communication. 

When you automate content across platforms you dilute the language of the platform. Also, remember that every platform has a different audience you need to engage with. 

What's The Solution? 

At Sxocial, we create CUSTOM social media strategies for EACH platform. We conduct research on your audience and find the best way to be social with them. While we still use some automation tools for social connections, we take the extra time to speak to your audience in the correct language. 

Can your audience understand you? 

Let us conduct a FREE Social Media Audit to make ensure your audience can hear your brand or business loud and clear.